SenseNova 5.5 by SenseTime: A New Era of Real-Time AI Interactivity

SenseNova 5.5 by SenseTime: A New Era of Real-Time AI Interactivity - Featuring a futuristic robot and the SenseTime logo."

At the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), SenseTime, a strategic partner and a key player in the AI landscape, hosted its AI Forum under the theme “AI+: Catalyzing Next-Gen Transformations.” The event marked the debut of the upgraded SenseNova 5.5 Large Model, a significant leap forward in AI capabilities.

A Leap in AI Interactivity: Sense Nova 5.5

Among the highlights, SenseNova 5.5 introduced SenseNova 5o, China’s first real-time multimodal model, rivalling the streaming interaction capabilities of GPT-4o. This breakthrough enables users to engage with AI across various modalities—audio, text, images, and video—creating a seamless and dynamic interactive experience akin to conversing with a real person. This innovation is set to revolutionise real-time conversations and speech recognition applications, offering a versatile tool adaptable to diverse contexts.

Cost-Effective Edge AI: Bringing Advanced AI to the Masses

One of the standout features of SenseNova 5.5 is its cost-effective edge-side large model. By reducing the cost per device to as low as RMB 9.90 per year, SenseTime aims to democratise access to advanced AI, facilitating widespread deployment across multiple sectors. This edge-side model promises high availability and low barriers to entry, crucial for broad adoption in IoT devices, including smartphones, tablets, VR devices, in-vehicle computers, and smart lamps.

Enhanced Capabilities: A Performance Boost Across the Board

The new SenseNova 5.5 model boasts a 30% improvement in overall performance compared to its predecessor, SenseNova 5.0, launched in April 2024. Enhanced abilities in mathematical reasoning, English proficiency, and command-following elevate its interactivity and core functionalities to match the best in the industry. The training, based on over 10TB of high-quality data, including synthetic reasoning chain data, underscores its enhanced reasoning capabilities.

Cloud-to-Edge Synergy: Reducing Costs and Boosting Efficiency

SenseNova 5.5 adopts a hybrid cloud-edge collaborative architecture, maximising the synergy between cloud and edge computing to reduce inference costs significantly. This architecture not only enhances performance but also ensures efficient deployment of AI applications across various industries.

Project $0 Go: Lowering Barriers for Enterprises

To further ease enterprise adoption, SenseTime launched the “Project $0 Go” scheme, offering a comprehensive onboarding package for new enterprise users migrating from the OpenAI platform. This initiative includes a generous 50 million tokens package and API migration consulting services, emphasising SenseTime’s commitment to lowering entry barriers and fostering innovation.

Vimi: Revolutionary AI Avatar Video Generator

Adding to its suite of innovations, SenseNova 5.5 introduced Vimi, an AI avatar video generator capable of creating short video clips from a single photo. This tool provides precise control over facial expressions and movements, ensuring realistic rendering of lighting, shadows, hair, clothing, and backgrounds. Vimi can produce videos up to one minute long without quality loss, marking a significant advancement in long-form video generation for entertainment and interactive applications.

Sense Chat Lite-5.5: Faster and More Efficient

The edge-side model product matrix also saw an upgrade with SenseChat Lite-5.5, featuring a 40% reduction in inference time and a 15% increase in speed, reaching 90.2 words per second. This improvement ensures better performance and quicker responses, enhancing user experience across various applications.

Expanding AI’s Reach: Industry-Specific Models

SenseTime’s commitment to industry-specific solutions is evident in its deployment of large models tailored for finance, agriculture, and cultural tourism. These models enhance efficiency and productivity, exemplifying AI’s potential to transform industry operations. For instance, the finance-based AI system, Agent, improves compliance and marketing efficiency, while the agricultural model boosts analysis efficiency, reduces material usage, and increases crop yields.

A Decade of Innovation: Sense Time’s Vision for the Future

As SenseTime celebrates its 10th anniversary, the launch of SenseNova 5.5 represents a milestone in its journey of innovation. With over 3,000 government and corporate customers already benefiting from its technologies, SenseTime is poised to continue its expansion and drive digital transformations across industries. The company’s focus on evolving large models from unimodal to multimodal reflects a broader trend in AI, promising unprecedented transformations in human-AI interactions.
SenseTime’s continued commitment to enhancing AI interactivity and reducing costs ensures it remains at the forefront of the AI revolution, empowering businesses and communities worldwide to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. 


SenseTime’s unveiling of the upgraded SenseNova 5.5 at the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference marks a significant leap forward in AI technology. With innovations such as the real-time multimodal model SenseNova 5o, cost-effective edge AI, and the revolutionary AI avatar video generator Vimi, SenseTime is poised to revolutionise human-AI interaction and democratise access to advanced AI across multiple sectors. Enhanced performance, cloud-edge synergy, and industry-specific models highlight SenseTime’s commitment to driving digital transformation and innovation. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, SenseTime continues to lead the AI revolution, empowering businesses and communities worldwide to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. For more information on how cutting-edge AI solutions can transform your business, visit Arcitech and explore the comprehensive suite of innovative services designed to drive your success.

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