Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC is a comprehensive service agreement designed to cater to the ongoing maintenance and support needs of troubleshooting, servers, and software applications.

Why Should I Get an AMC ?

Launching your business online is a great accomplishment, but it comes with potential issues and the need for regular maintenance. To prevent problems from escalating, trust experts to detect and address issues.

Arcitech AMC Coverage

Why choose us


Providing customer service through our advanced ticket-based service request system, offering a streamlined and efficient means for users to communicate their needs and concerns while ensuring a responsive and personalized resolution process.


Monitoring and promptly resolving minor inconsistencies in real-time is a key aspect of our commitment to ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Enhance efficiency

Addressing discrepancies promptly, we diligently monitor for minor inconsistencies, resolving them in real-time to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.


We have executed an upgrade for your website, ensuring it now operates on the most recent version, incorporating the latest features, enhancements, and security updates for an improved and up-to-date online presence.



Validated data backup

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Reliability rating

Back up data regularly to the cloud to guard against threats; our system ensures quick restoration if needed.

Backup Packages


Arcitech provides web hosting services, ensuring your business projects are hosted on premium servers for fast and reliable connections, guaranteeing smooth operation for your websites and apps.

Coverage Exclusions

Updated: 14/11/2023

*Please note: Unlimited space is calculated as per project size developed by Arcitech. Any additional features which may affect the space required for the project shall be billed additionally. The above-mentioned cost is calculated monthly and billed annually in advance. Any errors caused by the client’s server shall not be covered under Arcitech AMC.

  1. Arcitech AMC excludes coverage for backups; please consider our backup package for this service. Additionally, any post-deployment additional features incur charges based on the time and team resources needed for development.
  2. Arcitech Backup does not cover: AMC – check our AMC package for this service 2. Hosting – check our hosting plans for this service 3. Bug Fixing – check our AMC package for this service.
  3. What we do not cover in Hosting: Bug Fixing – Please refer to Arcitech AMC for bug fixing services. 2. Backups.- Please refer to Arcitech Backup for this package.

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, please contact

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