WordPress Developer Internship

Posted 1 month ago

Role Overview:

Unleash your creative and technical prowess at Web Arcitech! We’re scouting for a WordPress Developer Intern who is both technically skilled and creatively inclined. Join our team of experts to gain real-world experience in web development, specialising in WordPress.

Essential Responsibilities:

1.Collaborative Creativity: Work in unison with the team to craft and customise robust WordPress websites.

2.Code Crafting: Implement seamless layouts and interactive UIs using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3.Quality Assurance: Conduct meticulous testing to ensure high-performance, responsive websites.

4.Site Stewardship: Play a key role in website maintenance, updates, and problem-solving.

5.Client Whisperer: Liaise with clients to decode their needs and deliver tailored web solutions.

6.Stay in the Loop: Keep abreast of the latest trends, tools, and technologies in web development.

Skills & Requirements:

1.Web Dev Wisdom: Strong grasp of web development principles and best practices.

2.Code Proficiency: Must-have skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. WordPress Wiz: Solid familiarity with WordPress CMS, themes, and plugins.

4. Mobile Mindset: Knowledge of responsive design and mobile optimization techniques.

5. Problem-Solving Pro: Exceptional analytical skills and keen attention to detail.

6. Team & Solo Player: Capability to work well individually and in a collaborative setting.

7. Communication Champ: Excellent communication skills and the ability to articulate your ideas.

8. Eager to Learn: Proactive attitude and an appetite for learning new skills.


– Currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or related field.

– Previous experience or coursework in web development is highly desirable.

– Familiarity with version control systems like Git is a bonus.

– A portfolio of your work can give you an edge.

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