DevOps Engineer

Become a Key Player in Our Tech Revolution as a DevOps Engineer at Arcitech

Arcitech: Pioneering with Purpose

At Arcitech, we’re not just adapting to the tech landscape; we’re actively reshaping it with artificial intelligence and innovative software solutions. As a beacon of progress within the Arcot Group, Arcitech is dedicated to harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize industries. We’re located in the heart of the tech innovation hub, and we’re inviting a skilled DevOps Engineer to join our mission-driven team. 

Your Impact:

As a DevOps Engineer at Arcitech, you’ll play a crucial role in sculpting the backbone of our server infrastructure to ensure peak performance and unshakeable reliability. Your expertise will bridge the gap between complex server management and the dynamic world of AI-driven development. 

Key Responsibilities:

– Architect and nurture a robust server infrastructure tailored for high performance.

– Master operating systems management, fine-tuning them to meet the diverse needs of our projects.

– Spearhead API lifecycle management, ensuring seamless deployment, vigilant monitoring, and adept handling of any issues.

– Handpick and meld AI plugins to boost our projects’ efficiency and edge.

– Offer pivotal DevOps support for our Django-based applications and cutting-edge Machine Learning models.

– Elevate our DevOps methodologies, leveraging tools like GitHub and Trello for seamless project orchestration.

– Lead by example, mentoring emerging talents and steering critical project facets towards success.

What We Seek:

– Vast experience in server and operating systems management.

– Adeptness in API intricacies, from deployment to troubleshooting.

– Command over Django and Python, with a flair for programming.

– A solid foundation in Machine Learning and AI, ready to push boundaries.

– Leadership prowess, with a knack for nurturing team dynamics.

– An inventive problem-solver, ever-ready to tackle challenges head-on.

– Proficiency in utilizing GitHub and Trello for collaborative excellence.

Why Arcitech?

Choosing Arcitech means you’re not just joining a company; you’re embarking on a journey to redefine what’s possible with AI and DevOps. We offer an environment where innovation thrives, growth is encouraged, and your work genuinely impacts the future of technology.

Ready to Drive Innovation?

If you’re passionate about DevOps and eager to contribute to the forefront of AI development, Arcitech is your stage. Apply today and let’s build tomorrow together.

Job Category: Development
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Mumbai

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